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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Recent FO's

So, what's on the needles right now? I'm in the midst of multiple holiday gift knitting projects. It appears that this is goin
g to be the year of lace scarves. I have really gotten into lace this year, and I love scarves because they're small enough to let me play with some of the more expensive yarns that I don't usually splurge on for myself. The latest one is an eyelet lace pattern from KnitPicks that I'm knitting in Elann.com Devon. The fine gauge (it's supposed to be sport weight, but is definitely on the fine end of sport) means that this one is taking a while, but it's so soft and turning out so beautifully that I'm enjoying every minute of it. I still haven't decided if I should post photos of these gifts, or maybe save them all up until after the holidays so none of the surprises are ruined.
So, here are a couple of photos of recently finished projects:

This is a birthday gift for my husband's cousin's little boy (who we like to call our "nephew"), who will be one just two days after Christmas. I still have to add buttons to the shoulder, and knit an adorable stuffed doggie to go with. I have already sent a set just like it off to my nephew for his second birthday. The pattern is from Animal Knits by Zoe Mellor (which is full of absolutely adorable toddler patterns).

And this pile of mittens is the result of my annual charity mitten kntting. Girl Guides in Ottawa have a service project called "Warm Hands Warm Hearts", wherein they collect up mittens for distribution to needy children through the Snowsuit Fund. I love being able to creatively use up odds and ends from my scrap bag. The patterns are all adapted from the very old "Gloves and Mitts" booklet by Patons, adjusted for knitting on dpns. After a few pairs, I don't even look at the patterns any more.


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Mittens! Lookit 'em all!
And that sweater is adorable.

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