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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introducing Stella

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed wee baby Stella into our family.

She gave me a very rough time on her entry into the world, but she is absolutely worth every bit of pain and suffering. We love her to bits.

Coming home from hospital.

Everyone agrees that her looks all come from her dad's family so far. She is a relatively small baby, so she's swimming in most of her newborn-sized clothes. The cloth diapers, covers, and soakers that I had ready for her are also too big, so I'm about to start knitting wee soakers in even smaller sizes. I haven't picked up the needles since she was born, but we're finally starting to settle into a somewhat predictable routine so I think I can squeeze in a few minutes here are there during naps.

Our families are very excited to have the first little girl of this generation, and the first grandchild for Nick's parents. We've had loads of visitors, and thankfully lots of support at home. Yesterday, we made it out for our first walk to the park, the first of many new adventures. I think that parenthood agrees with me.