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Monday, October 23, 2006

Challenges of blog-land

So I spent part of the weekend fiddling around with the Blogger help section, trying to set up Links and other things in a sidebar. Alas, I have forgotten everything I learned in that dreaded computer programming class I took so many moons ago, and am now a certifiable HTML-illiterate. I tried following the intstructions for copying and pasting the code to create a links section on the sidebar, but nothing happens, even after republishing the blog. I may have to go looking for help on this one. Or buy a copy of HTML for Dummies....

On the bright side, I got lots of knitting in while watching TV last night and have finished a Christmas present of fingerless gloves and a toque for my younger brother (photos to come after the holidays). As a bass player and sound technician who plays a lot of outdoor gigs, I thought the gloves might be useful for him - we'll see if he thinks they're cool enough. I'm also still working on that interminable lace scarf - photos to come soon.


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