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Friday, December 08, 2006

Musings on the new Knitty

The new issue of Knitty is out! I enjoyed several of the articles, but I have to say that I had fewer than normal "oh my god, I have to knit that!" reations than the last couple of issues induced upon first sight. Which is okay, because frankly, I don't really need anymore must-knit projects on my very long list. If there was never another pattern published, I think I'd still be set for life.

I do quite like the Monkey socks, although I have become convinced after much trial and error that 72-stitch socks are the perfect size for me. (The Monkeys are the much more common 64-st variety.) I haven't looked closely enough at the pattern yet to see if I could increase it. And I might even like to knit the Emerald jacket for myself one day. Certainly, the Corazon mittens are a good basic pattern from which to play with stranded mittens. I've been itching to try small-gauge stranded mittens for a while now, especially seeing the gorgeous ones that Eunny and Rebekkah have been creating.

But first, first I must finish several Christmas gifts-in-progress (GIP's?!), and then clear out some of the WIP list. I think my New Year's resolution will be to try to finish at least one project before I start a new one. Hey, I can dream, can't I?!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, it seems that every blog I read mentions secret Christmas gift knitting that can't be shown yet. I'm new to the knit-blogoshpere, so I'm looking forward to what I imagine as an enormous blog show-and-tell on Boxing Day, with everyone posting their long-withheld FO pics, many a happy face posing in front of the tree, adorned with a new toque. A big reveal like at the end of an episode of What Not to Wear or something. I haven't "come out" to my family about this blog yet, and I think it's highly unlikely that anyone would find it by accident. So I have been happily posting FO pics of their gifts, a luxury that I will probably not enjoy in future. Lets face it - without gift pictures, I wouldn't really have much content to post these last few weeks, now would I? But I am looking forward to showing off my blog, especially to my aunt and dh's grandmother, who are very talented knitters. I'm counting on their help in my Newfoundland mitten research. I can't believe I'm heading home in just one week!

And now I believe I have begun to ramble, so it's time that I got back to my knitting. Crooked Cable sock #1 turned out beautifully, and #2 is now under way. Photos to come soon!


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