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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Um, yeah, about that yarn store

So I didn't get out of Wool Tyme completely unscathed, but I think I did very well, all things considered:

That's 9 skeins of Galway Heather for dh's sweater (the tenth one is already being used), one circular needle (needed for the sweater), a single ball of Sheepjes Tossa (this yarn is discontinued, but I have two more like it in my stash which are more likely to be used now that I have a little more of it. And it was in the bargain bin.), and two skeins of gorgeous handpainted sock yarn.

Isn't this beautiful? I can justifiy this one, since I'm going to make another pair of socks for my MIL's birthday, which happens to be the same day as mine. Hubby tells me that she has been hand-washing the ones I gave her for Christmas and wearing them every second day. Anyone who loves hand knit socks that much deserves to have a few pairs in rotation, I figure! This is the first time I've splurged on really nice handpainted yarn, and it's actually from a local company, Apple Laine. It's a blend of superwash merino, kid mohair, silk and nylon, and is wonderfully soft. I may have to get some for myself if I like the way this knits up. I think I might try to learn toe-up socks just so that I use every bit of this yarn. It's too pretty to waste! Any suggesstions for good beginner toe-up patterns? It has to be stretchy and fairly wide.

Here's the start of dh's birthday sweater, one skein in:

I knit this much last night while watching Little Miss Sunshine (what an excellent movie!). I'm really liking the pattern so far. The rows of plain ribbing don't require much thought, and they're broken up nicely by the cable rows. It's the same crossed cable every time, so I don't have to consult the pattern very often. And the fabric is turning out nice and stretchy, and soft. I'll need to stretch it out a bit with blocking, but the swatch grew quite a bit laterally after washing, so it should be fine according to my calculations (please let them be right!). I've got quite a ways to go with this.

And now, I have several hours worth of grading to keep me busy for the afternoon. Hmm,I wonder if I can actually evaluate student writing properly while knitting.... probably not!

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Blogger Glenna C said...

Ooh, that is a nice yarn haul!
And thanks for the heads-up on that sock yarn, I am forever on the lookout for sock yarn producers in Canada. My credit card finger is getting itchy...

4:15 p.m.  
Blogger Marianne said...

I agree, really nice yarn haul! That sock yarn is beautiful, love the colours!
You're moving right along on the sweater, gorgeous!

10:17 p.m.  
Blogger quantumtea said...

This is my favourite toe up pattern, Sherman socks.


I just got some of that yarn myself!

7:31 p.m.  

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