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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back, at long last

Hello everybody.

I'm back in Ottawa after a lovely Christmas vacation. My luggage has yet to catch up with me, but is expected later today. I think it really takes a special talent for an airline to lose my luggage on the first leg of my trip, lose my husband's when he flew down to join me a week later, and then lose mine again on the return trip. Hubby has yet to return, so let's see if they can go four for four. Alas, flying in winter in this country is never without hassles and delays, so I consider us lucky that we got where we were going, and approximately on time. Those who know me know that I am hopelessly cursed when it comes to air travel.

Other than the actual frustrations of getting there and back, Christmas in Newfoundland was wonderful. My extended family has entered a new generation within the past two years, so there were babies everywhere! My two-year-old nephew has become quite chatty since the last time I saw him, and although he didn't remember me from last Christmas, he now calls me "aunt Keddy". He is an adorable, blond, curly-headed little dear. I really should get home more often!

While I had (slow) internet access at home, I really didn't feel like sitting by myself updating the blog when there were so many people to see and places to visit. And now that I am back, I still don't have photos because hubby kept the camera with him, and is taking an extra week of vacation.

In terms of knitty gifts, I did very well this year. A cousin gave me the new Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. Hubby gave me a wonderful basket from Lantern Moon, my first drop spindle along with some fibre to spin, and wonderful, luscious luxury yarns, which I love, and of course would never have bought for myself. I have started spinning, and am enjoying it so far. I think it will take a lot of practice to get a consistant thickness and I have a lot to learn about plying and the like. I will put up some photos next week, along with a few snaps of gifts I gave, and an update on the Newfoundland mitten project.

For now, it's back to work. I have made only one New Year's resolution for 2007: I'm going to graduate. And the sooner the better. I am growing tired of my Ph.D. thesis project and need to get it written up and defended so that I can get on with my life. The real world awaits!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I look forward to catching up with my blog reading!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had such a great time back home for the holidays!
Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the spindle and fibre and yarn, all the goodies...I'd like to see the yarn you've been spinning.

9:59 p.m.  
Blogger Kelly said...

Hello Marianne, and welcome! It's always nice to see new visitors.

I must confess I've been reading your blog for some time, but I'm not a very prolific commenter - something I mean to change :)

10:45 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear your Christmas break was good and the pressies too! I have the calendar, loving the socks for today. Good luck with the spinning and your resoluton too.

5:07 p.m.  

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