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Saturday, June 09, 2007


After finishing a bunch of long-languishing projects this spring and beating myself down to only two works-in-progress, it appears that I must have let my guard down. A bunch of new projects seem to have lept into my knitting basket when I wasn't looking. 8 projects of the WIP list?! How did that happen? And I think there may be one or two small unreported ones besides! Obviously this is getting out of control. The latest offender:
I'm still on a quest to clear out odds and end from the stash. I had a huge bag of mismatched acrylic bits, which seem to have morphed into a pretty psychadelic baby blanket. I pulled these out one night, and thought of knitting more mitres, but instead I found an old pattern for a girl's alphabet sweater, with intarsia blocks. Pulling colours at random, I knit this in verticals strips that have been mattress-stitched together. I think it still needs about two more columns, taking me up to R, but unfortunately the pattern that I've been using only goes to L. So I need to sit down and try to graph a few more letters in the same style in order to continue. I also ran out of interesting images from the sweater pattern early on, so I've been pulling them from different sources. Nursery Knits by Debbie Bliss is great for that, and my favourite, the lady bug, is from Animal Knits by Zoe Mellor. I think I will knit a mitred border in moss stitch, similar to the last baby blanket I showed you (the animal one). The finished blanket is destined for the Warm Woolies donation box, and will just about fill it up. The latest addition to the box:

Again, this was a response to my recent obsession with getting rid of yarn ends. Cute, no?

My recently aquired ADD has also manifested itself in starting a new cardigan design. It's a pretty plain little black cardigan with lace edging in Patons Fresco, which I have ooodles of in the stash. I'll try to get some photos next time I pull it out. Having a cat in the house these days means I can't leave too much yarn lying around in open view, so most my WIPs have been carefully stored for the time being. She did manage to shred a little ball of acrylic that I left lying around one night, so I'm not taking any chances!

And of course, the knitting continues in fits and starts on mansock #2 and on the Soleil tank top.

Somebody stop me before I start something else!

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Blogger Marianne said...

From 2 to 8..or more? You've been busy and inspired!
The blankie is great, as is the hat, very cute!

Soleil is looking gorgeous...and oh those mansocks! They seem to really suck it out of you, eh?

12:36 p.m.  
Blogger Peg-woolinmysoup said...

That is a terrific baby blanket! A great way to use up stash!
Moving can make a person unable to settle to any one thing - believe me, I moved 23 times! Movers, or if you do it yourself, will not mind moving WIPs. Just enjoy the process and think of it as time to dream!

2:35 p.m.  
Blogger Joanna said...

Love the baby blanket!

3:09 p.m.  
Blogger Tandi said...

What great WIPs! That blanket is too cute. I've been eyeing Soleil for a while...

6:55 p.m.  

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