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Friday, March 30, 2007

A new adventure begins

It's been an incredibly busy week here, but here's a quick fly-by. The new Denise needles arrived, and while I'm not completely sold on them (well, I guess technically I am, as my credit card statement can attest!), I'm giving them a test drive on my green vest. This is inspired by two patterns, Leftovers from Knitty, and Tori from MagKnits. Both are fitted v-neck pullover vests with waist shaping.

I'm working in a single colour, that cone of green tweed that I picked up in Newfoundland last month. I'm knitting it as a double strand since the yarn is very fine, with twisted ribbing bands for a little texture. Other than that, it's going to be fairly plain, mostly stockinette. I'm focusing on wearable wardrobe staples lately, and I do tend to lean towards earthy colours. I'm not totally sure of the fibre content here, but I know it's got to have some mohair in it. I love the many heathery shades of green and brown.

I have several other things to show, but I haven't been home in daylight hours much to be photographing them! Soon....



Blogger Marianne said...

I like those patterns, I hear you on the 'wearable wardrobe staples', that yarn is beautiful, we have some similar tastes in colours.
Have a good weekend!

11:29 a.m.  

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