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Monday, July 06, 2009

Again with the Quilts

You may remember that some time ago (January in fact) I started a small lap quilt for my living room.

It's has been all but finished for several weeks, waiting for a trip to the fabric store to purchase binding. I finished off stitching the binding on over the weekend, and the quilt went directly into service.

The block pattern is a traditional one, known as "churn dash", and for the first time, I tried to do a detailed, drawn quilting pattern by machine with my free-motion foot. Still rather wobbly, but you can see the attempt here in the "taffy pull" quilting on the inner border.

I'm not quite happy with my machine quilting skills yet (hand quilting, though incomparably slower, was far easier to control), but I'm working on it.

That makes for three small finished quilts this year. At this rate, my quilt FOs will outnumber the knitted ones! And I have two bed-size quilts in progress too! Nevertheless, I am still giving a chunk of time to Fair Isle and other colourwork knitting lately. I'll give you an update on that next time.



Blogger Sarah said...

Yep - we'll have to rename you Hedgehog Quilts :o)

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